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All India level Prices (Rs./Quintal)
Hybrid3000 2200
Local4000 700
Tomato Market Prices

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Government Says Tomato Price Rise Due to Supply Disruption.

New Delhi: There has been no decline in tomato output and the shooting up of the prices to over Rs 60 a kg is due to disruption in supplies from rain-hit South India, says Ram Vilas Paswan, Food Minister Paswan told reporters on the sidelines of an event, "There is no fall in production of tomato in the country. Prices have increased due to transportation problems and rains in the South India. The price increase in tomato is a seasonal issue and the price situation will normalise as supplies improve".

In rain-affected Chennai, tomato prices had touched as high as Rs 80 per kg last week. Tomato prices have risen sharply in the last few days to over Rs 60 per kg in most retail markets.

Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha had reviewed the tomato price situation last week and directed the ministries concerned to keep a close watch on the prices.

He added, the government has taken all measures to rein in prices including imposing stock holding limits and action against hoarders, imports among others. The production is around 17.5 million tonnes against the demand of 25 million tonnes. The balance is met through imports. The secretaries of Agriculture, Food, Commerce and Finance are regularly monitoring the prices of pulses, tomato and other essential commodities on a regular basis.