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VarietyMax (Rs./Quintal)Min (Rs./Quintal)Modal (Rs./Quintal)
Green Gram Dhall-I11000750010500
Local (Whole)665065506600
Moong Dal Prices

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Moong Dal Down and Urad Dal, Gram Dal Prices Up

Chennai: Prices of moong dal decreased and urad dal and gram dal increased. At the wholesale food grains market, rates of other commodities ruled steady.

On the opening Moong dal opened the week at Rs 9,900, less by Rs 100 per quintal from Rs 10,000 and closed the week at the same rate.

In contrast, urad dal and gram dal went up by Rs 300 and Rs 200 per quintal to Rs 14,800 and Rs 6,200 from last week's closing rate of Rs 14,500 and Rs 6,000 to close the week at its opening rate.