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Highest procurement price for Tur in Karnataka

Tur farmers in Karnataka are seeks the highest procurement price for their pulse. Karnataka has seen a bumper tur crop, like the rest of the country, and has procured a record 3,44,157 tonnes this year from the farmers.

While farmers in Maharashtra and other tur-growing states like Gujarat and Telangana are getting Rs 5,050 per quintal, as fixed by the Centre, their Karnataka counterparts are getting Rs 5,500, due to a Rs 450 per quintal incentive from the state government. The current market price for tur is about Rs 3,800 a quintal.

Karnataka's agriculture minister Krishna Byre Gowda Said "We are the only state which has taken that initiative. We hope this will ensure that despite the plunging tur prices in the market, our farmers will feel confident enough to grow the tur crop in sufficient quantity next year also."

Basavaraj Ingin, president of the Karnataka State Redgram (Tur) Producers Association told that according to estimates prepared by Karnataka's agriculture department, the cost of growing one quintal of tur was Rs 6,443, while Maharashtra has estimated it as Rs 6,220.

Karnataka started procurement of tur only in December, though the harvest came out in October.