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Eggs Prices- Wholesale egg price on the rise.

The wholesale price of egg is on the rise with the onset of winter and the trend is expected to continue for another one month. In Namakkal about 3 crore eggs are produced everyday which is mainly supplied for noon meal centres, markets based in Kerala and North India apart from domestic market.

The whole price of egg as fixed by National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), Namakkal Zone is Rs. 3.70. As cold wave is prevailing in North India affecting the birds, egg production has dropped significantly. Due to Ayyappa season, the consumption has started to drop in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the increase in demand in North India has led to increase in price.

A senior NECC official said “Also, spiralling cost of vegetables, demand in confectionaries due to ensuring Christmas and New Year is expected to contribute for increase in the wholesale price of egg in the coming days.” He said that the onward price trend is expected till Pongal or till the end of cold wave in North India.

Drop in egg production due to prevailing rain and increase in feed intake by birds leaves them at loss, said poultry farmers. On an average every bird consumes 105 gm of feed everyday where as during rainy season, each bird consumes 120 gm of feed everyday, said K. Baskar, a farmer.

Presently there is a 15 per cent drop in egg production everyday, said V. Subramaniyam, Tamil Nadu Egg Poultry Farmers Federation vice-president.

He added “Egg production has gone down by 35 lakh eggs per day in the past one month”, he added. Also, due to floods in various parts of the State, eggs could not be transported in lorries in the past 15 days. “The wholesale price in Ahmadabad is Rs. 4.13 where as it is Rs. 3.70 in our zone.”

Non-availability of ingredients like maize for feed production is also worrying them as despite increase in wholesale price of egg, they continue to suffer, says farmers. They added “This leads to increase in production cost for each eggs up to 30 paise.”