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Maize Prices- In India maize prices begin to decline.

According to the US Grains Council (USGC), maize prices in the country has begun to slide during last week bringing in some respite to end users like poultry sector.

The prices in Davangere dipped by 1.24 per cent to Rs 15,250 per tonne, In Nizamabad, corn prices declined 2.07% to Rs 15,370 per tonne.

USGC Representative for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Amit Sachdev said, in Karimnagar the prices slipped by 1.50% to Rs 15,333 per tonne, in Sangli it went down 2.39% to Rs 15,325 per tonne and in Gulabbagh it plunged to Rs 16,131 per tonne.

December down 1.05 percent to Rs 15,060 per tonne, January down 1.69% to Rs 15,100 per tonne, February down 1.35% to Rs 15,310 per tonne. But March contract was up by 1.84% at Rs 15,520 per tonne.

The Rabi crop sowing is lower by 4.9% than last year's 1.046 million hectares, as on date and it might pick up. But sowing for maize is good at 0.996 million hectares.

Maize imports will help to keep the poultry prices stable and the pressure on the poultry production centres in the country will ease.